Business leaders facing climate passivity. Meeting within the Chapter Zero Poland program for memebers of the supervisory and management boards

Corporate governance structures, including supervisory boards and their members, but also those who sit on boards of directors, should put climate change mitigation on the list of their strategic business priorities. The necessary climate transformation of companies and sectors as a whole is a huge challenge requiring long-term and high-cost efforts. Often, unfortunately, actively addressing the topic of companies' climate transformation and sustainability is replaced by passivity and arguments that changes in one company are just a cost and have no real impact on the climate.  A sense of responsibility among business leaders not only for the profit, but first and foremost for the sustainability of the company with a particular focus on climate and the environment, is a necessary change in business attitudes. Can we shape attitudes of personal responsibility, personal climate leadership by setting the tone in the highest structures of the company? How do we develop a regular dialogue between the various structures and leaders about the steps being taken regarding the company's climate goals? What information should supervisory board members get to make the climate topic their priority and to effectively build their influence on boards of directors regarding the companies' climate transformation strategy? How to hold business leaders accountable for climate action? How to educate shareholders and gain their understanding and support for companies' climate transformation and sustainability strategies? How important can the attitudes of specific business leaders be in dialogue with company stakeholders, including suppliers, employees and local communities on necessary climate action?